Experts Select The Best And Worst Diet Of 2020

Experts Select The Best And Worst Diet Of 2020

Where did they come from? Can they improve my heart health? What about the bad diet? Can it make me even less healthy? We’re talking all that AND more.

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What’s The Best? The Mediterranean Diet – 00:23
1. Heart Health – 01:17
2. Weight Loss – 01:51
3. Alzheimer’s Disease – 02:35
4. Type-2 Diabetes – 03:13
5. Longevity – 03:43
What’s the worst you ask? THE KETO DIET – 04:50
1. Insufficient Weight Loss Evidence – 06:01
2. Keto Flu – 06:52
3. Poor Gut Health – 07:35
4. Bad Breath – 08:22


1. What’s The Best? The Mediterranean Diet.
You have heard of the Mediterranean Diet, right? It’s basically one of the healthiest diets around. I’m serious. The benefits are nearly endless.

The Mediterranean diet is comprised of a number of foods from countries in and around the Mediterranean Sea. These include Greece, Cyprus, Croatia, Spain, Morocco and Italy. The diet is primarily based around legumes, olive oil, fruits and vegetables. You are also suggested a moderate amount of fish, cheese, yogurt and wine.

Interest in this diet began in the 1960’s when reports stated that the rate of coronary heart disease was decreasing in Mediterranean countries. Linking this discovery to their diet, people around the world began adopting what was dubbed the “Mediterranean diet”.

2. What’s the worst you ask? THE KETO DIET.
Don’t let that jaw drop too far. Yes, it’s true and many health experts have agreed. While it seemed to be all the rage back in 2019, studies have shown that the world famous Keto diet may not be all it’s cracked up to be.

For the two of you who still may not know, the Ketogenic diet requires you to eat low-carbs and higher fats. Since you are no longer consuming carbohydrates, your body will use your fat as fuel to burn.

Throughout history, variations of the Keto diet have been used to treat a number of health issues. Beginning in Ancient Greece, physicians began using the diet as a way to treat epilepsy. Moving through the centuries, people would continue to use it to combat the condition as well as other illnesses.

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