Everything I Do to Manage Migraines

Everything I Do to Manage Migraines

In today’s video I am sharing everything I do to manage migraines.

Getting a migraine headache is awful and can seriously interfere with your life at home and at work.

While I haven’t devised a completely fool-proof method for skipping migraines altogether, I am getting better at having less migraine days and lessening the severity of them when migraines do happen.

I am talking about both preventative steps as well as things to do once a migraine attack happens.

What migraine treatment or migraine treatment tips can you share?

But most importantly, if you suffer from migraines or think you might, please make sure you are talking with your doctor. The things that I have found help me may not work for you.

Preventative Steps for Treating Migraines:
-Track water intake – aim for 100 oz per day
-Vitamin B2
-Magnesium Supplement

When having a Migraine Attack:
-Turn down lights
-Excedrin Migraine or Goody’s Powder
-Ice Pack
-Peppermint Essential Oil (not effective but is distracting and smells nice)
-Prescription Medication (talk to your doctor)

Be sure to leave your questions in the comments with #QOTD (for question of the day) and I may answer it in a future video!

Everything I Do to Manage Migraines

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