Essential Oils to Keep on Hand for Naturally Combating Everyday Illnesses – Plus Remedies

Essential Oils to Keep on Hand for Naturally Combating Everyday Illnesses – Plus Remedies

When you’re not feeling your best or your child isn’t well, it is nice to have a few remedies to turn to. I have found that I only need 6 essential oils for most of my families ailments, they include eucalyptus, rosemary, peppermint, lavender, tea tree and orange essential oils. It is nice to have them on hand, so that you can quickly and easily make yourself and your family feel better. They can assist with headaches, stuffy noses, stomach aches, insect bites and cuts.

These are the essential oils which I use:

Eucalyptus Essential Oil can bring much needed relief when you have a stuffy nose. Whether its caused by the flu, colds, sinus issues or even allergies, eucalyptus oil helps to break up phlegm and mucous to ease breathing. The best remedy to relieve congestion, is to breath in the aroma from the oil. Adding a few drops to a diffuser, is the simplest way. You can also do a eucalyptus facial steam, or dab a few drops on a tissue and breathe it in.

Rosemary Essential Oil is a stimulating oil that helps to increase circulation under the skin, which is great for relieving pain, muscle tension and headaches. Mix one teaspoon of coconut oil with 2 drops of rosemary essential oil. Massage it onto your temples, or anywhere you might have joint pain in your body. You can also breathe in rosemary oil for headache relief. Add a drop to your pillow or do a rosemary facial steam. You might also enjoy a warm bath with a few drops of rosemary essential oil.

Peppermint essential oil is great for any kind of stomach issues, like gas, bloating, cramps, upset stomach, vomiting and diarrhea. These can all be relieved with a nice peppermint tummy rub. Mix one teaspoon of coconut oil with 2 drops of peppermint essential oil. Massage onto the skin, over the belly area. According to research, peppermint oil helps to reduce spasms in the digestive tract and when applied to the skin acts as a pain reliever.

Lavender essential oil will help soothe your itchy skin caused by Mosquito bites, bug bites and stings. It helps to reduce swelling, inflammation, itching and brings relief. Lavender oil is easy to use since you can apply it directly onto a bite or sting. It is also really good at relieving sunburn. You can also add 2 drops of lavender oil to 1 teaspoon of coconut oil and apply that on irritated or itchy skin, whether its from a bite, a rash, eczema or sunburn. Or, you can add the oil to a bath.

Tea tree oil is a good antiseptic, it helps to prevent infections, fungus and bacteria from getting in and making a small scrape a bigger problem. Before you start using tea tree oil, do a little patch test to make sure that there’s no reaction, some people can be sensitive. If you’re dealing with a scrape or cut, clean the effected area with a wash of 1/4 cup of water and 10 drops of tea tree oil. You can also add one or two drops directly to the bandage. You can apply tea tree oil as a spot treatment directly on a pimple, cold sore or if you have a fungus on your skin, like athletes foot.

Sweet orange essential oil, is an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory which makes it an ideal ingredient in your skin and hair routine. Sweet orange oil has been shown to increase the ability to absorb vitamin C, collagen production, and blood flow, all of which are essential for anti-aging. It has been studied for its effects on mood elevation and stress relief. You can add a few drops to your palms and inhale to shift mental negativity. Also adding several drops to bathwater to help eliminate toxins, boost the lymphatic and immune systems and calm the nerves.

These oils have been helpful to my family. This is why I wanted to share them with you so that you have an idea on how to use them for yours.

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