Essential Oils That I Put On My Face

Essential Oils That I Put On My Face

First Jessi is looking a Jojoba oil which is a great carrier oil that is great for moisturizing the skin without making it feel too oily. Jess usually puts carrier oils on before she sleeps.

Tea tree oil is an essential oil that is great for skin imperfections such as acne, it’s a natural anti bacterial fighting agent. Essential oils such as tea tree oil should be mixed in with a carrier oil. Jess likes to use JOJOBA oil (10 drops) with 3 drops of TEA TREE OIL.

Pure vitamin E oil is great carrier oil that helps get rid of any scarring and will improve the overall look and feel of your skin, this is always great to pair with essential oils such as tea tree oil

Castor oil is the least expensive and it is great for the skin, a great carrier oil, however it is great for getting longer lashes and thicker brows. It’s said that you notice after using it for 6 weeks.

The Tarte marajuca oil is amazing, however it is the most expensive. It has similar qualities to jojoba.

Some stronger essential oils are lemongrass and oregeno oil. only 1 or 2 drops are needed for these ones, using them alone can be harsh on the skin.

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