Essential Oils for Younger Brains- Offering "Sage Advice"

Essential Oils for Younger Brains- Offering "Sage Advice"

This video continues the theme of using essential oils for the mind.

Their actions for preserving memory, cognition, and the prevention of dementia is the main focus.

Watch this 8-minute video to learn:

Why essential oils are one of my favorite integrative tools for emotions and brain health.

How lavender oil supports mood.

The benefits of sage oil for memory.

The conclusions of an article review on essential oils for psychological disorders.

The caveats of confusing isolated compounds for the actions of essential oils.

The wide range of uses for sage oil and how this relates to brain preservation.

How sage oil affected brain health markers in studies.

Why using essential oils for preventing cognitive decline and dementia is exciting.

Other essential oils, besides sage oil, that can be used for promoting healthy, young brains.

Please see the accompanying article for additional resources, safety considerations, references, and more information here:

You can access a review of all the previous articles, additional information, resources, and the original blog links in the above link as well.

You can also find more information on my essential oils database.

*Please inform your doctor of any changes to your medical health regime. Please read my complete disclaimer and safety information that can be found at the article link.

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