Essential Oils for the Holidays (Stress relief, boosted immune system, sleep and skin support)

Essential Oils for the Holidays (Stress relief, boosted immune system, sleep and skin support)

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Essential oils are so versatile and I use them in so many applications throughout the day.

Winter is an especially hard time on our bodies due to a variety of factors.  First, there’s the fact that we are indoors for long periods of time without opening the windows to allow fresh air inside.  The air inside our homes is often more polluted and filled with more contaminants than the air outside.  Because of this, our immune system can become burdened and bogged down, reducing its effectiveness against bacteria and germs that are so prevalent in the winter.

This is why a few years ago I turned to essential oils to support my whole family’s immune system.  Now, I’m not a doctor, but I am a mom who cannot stand when her family is under the weather. And since we started a very constant routine of using essential oils to support our immune function, I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the outcome.

But poor indoor air quality isn’t the only factor to health ailments in the winter.  Both lack of sleep and stress also play a part in our immune system’s strength. The holidays are notoriously busy and filled with not only our day to day tasks, but we also add on gatherings, shopping, cooking and other to-dos that we squeeze in.  Usually we cut into our sleep in order to get it all done, leaving us a bit run down to begin with. And with the added tasks we feel pressured to do, we’re also likely feeling increased stress levels.

All this isn’t magically fixed by anything, but there are more positive ways to handle the stress, sleep issues and poor indoor air quality.  What I do love, is that I can use essential oils to my advantage during these cold months and support my body and emotions in a positive, natural way.

While I do think it requires a combination of habits and tactics, essential oils can play a role in improving your body and mind this winter.