Essential Oils For Sunburn Treatment – Mild To Severe

Essential Oils For Sunburn Treatment – Mild To Severe

Essential Oils For Sunburn Treatment – Mild To Severe
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Using essential oils for natural sunburn treatment, be it mild or severe, is an excellent way to aid your own innate healing ability and get back to good healthy skin in a relatively quick time period. There are of course a variety of oils which can be beneficial, and each of them brings additional properties and manners which alter how the sunburn treatment works. Tea tree oil (Melaleuca) and Lavender oil are two that spring to mind for many when considering home remedies for this condition, though there are others and some of them bring incredibly good effects.

Top 5 Essential Oils Noted As Good For Natural Sunburn Treatment

Tea Tree (Melaleuca)

Single Oil Or Blended Mixture?

All of these essential oils are incredibly good on their own and they also blend well with each other in various combinations. Tea Tree and Lavender are very commonly available and relatively inexpensive too, so as a pair mixed together with a carrier oil such as coconut or avacado oil (please check if you are allegeric before use) they can provide a very easily accessed and very beneficial remedy for sunburn.

Important Note

It is also worth seeking advice from a medical practitioner in regard to your condition, especially if it is severe, they may notice or be able to help you in some way which is beneficial to your recovery. Checking with a doctor that using these essential oils is ok for your health is also worthwhile.

Other Essential Oils That Can Help

Roman Chamomile, Rose, Rosemary, Ylang Ylang and Clove can all be beneficial as well, though be especially careful with Clove due to its spicy nature. Chamomile, Rose and Ylang Ylang will all help to soothe, and Rose is particularly beneficial for the skin. If you wish you can include from these in your own home remedy blend to ease and promote healing.

One option with Clove essential oil is to get a high grade ingestion safe source then use a drop or two in food. Clove has the highest anti-oxidant rating of any food source and as such can be very beneficial to healing.

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