Essential Oils For Panic Attacks

Essential Oils For Panic Attacks

Essential Oils For Panic Attacks

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Essential oils for panic attacks and anxiety are a safer, gentler alternative to medications. Especially, when considering many anti-anxiety drugs have undesirable side effects. In fact, these side effects can be serious or life-threatening ones.

Using essential oils for panic attacks is also considered a natural way of reducing anxiety.

Modern clinical research has verified some of these oil’s therapeutic uses. Some of these oils include:

– lavender
– rose
– orange
– bergamot
– lemon
– sandalwood
– clary sage
– Roman chamomile
– rose geranium

Aromatherapy is undoubtedly one of the very finest forms of preventative medicine available today, and works well in tandem with allopathic medicine. When used correctly, aromatherapy helps to maintain a relaxed and calm state of mind which can be very helpful for sufferers, helping to keep recurring panic attacks at bay when other forms of treatment have proven ineffective.

Try using an essential oil to calm down or relax during a stressful day at work or school. Not only you will be enjoying the good smell it gives out but it will give you a nice feeling and help you clear your mind.

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