Essential Oils For Knee Pain

Essential Oils For Knee Pain

Essential Oils for Knee Pain

Inflammation or injury of the knee joint is among the most common causes of knee pain.

Such causes can be easily alleviated by the topical application of oil blends, made with massage oils and essential oils.

It works because essential oils have anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.

An analgesic is a substance that alleviates or relieves pain, and the majority of essential oils are analgesic.

Actually, there are two types of these oils: one gives cooling relief, and the other gives warming relief.

Examples of cooling oils are wintergreen, peppermint and eucalyptus.

Oils with warming relief are ginger, thyme, clove, lemongrass and vetiver.

Cooling relief numbs down the pain, and warming relief warms the area, reducing pain and improving circulation.

What about Knee Pain?

If you have knee joint pain, numb the pain down with cooling oils.

If there is inflammation, muscle pain and swelling, use warming oils to reduce the inflammation and promote healing.

So, the kind of relief you need will determine the type of the oil to use.

By the way, warming analgesic essential oils are good for knee pain, which is related to cold weather.

How to Use Essential Oils for Knee Pain?

1. Warming Deep Massage Oil

Take 10 drops of each of these oils: marjoram, ginger and lemongrass oil, and add them to the 4 oz amber glass dropper bottle.

Also add ? cup olive oil to the bottle, and shake it well to let the ingredients mix nicely.

Put 5 drops of the mixture on your palm, then rub your palms together, and thoroughly massage the affected area.

Leave the mixture on the area for 15 minutes to let it work nicely, then you can wash it off with warm water.

2. Pain and Swelling Reduction Recipe

Take 10 drops of each of these oils: wintergreen, vetiver and clove essential oil.

Remove the roller ball from the 10 ml roll-on bottle, and add essential oils in it drop by drop.

Fill the rest of the bottle with fractionated coconut oil, put the roller ball back, close the cap, and shake well.

Use it by rolling on the knee where needed.

3. Hot or Cold Compresses

Take a bowl filled with 1 cup of hot or cold water (depending on what kind of compress you need).

Add 5 drops of wintergreen essential oil to it, and stir well using a soft microfiber washcloth.

Wring out the washcloth, and press it on the affected area on the knee for a couple of minutes.

Repeat as much as you need to feel the relief from pain.

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