Essential Oils For Headaches – An Informative Guide

Essential Oils For Headaches – An Informative Guide

– Essential Oils For Headaches

Hi my name is LeeanneMB and you are watching this video because you typed Essential Oils For Headaches into the search bar.

I get quite a few headaches and I find the best Essential Oils for Headaches are:

Lavender and Roman Chamomile oils are great for relaxing and are both anti-inflammatory. For this reason they are best used a night.

Peppermint oil is good for tension headaches and is a stimulant so is great to use during the day.

Eucalyptus oil is also an anti inflammatory and has expectorant qualities so is good for sinus headaches.

These oils can be used as massage oils when added to a carrier oil, can be used in a diffuser or sprinkled on a tissue to sniff as needed. A couple of drops of Lavender oil can be massaged straight in to your temples, the other oils must be added to a carrier oil first.

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