Essential Oils for Depression and Anxiety*

Essential Oils for Depression and Anxiety*

Welcome to BioSource Naturals!! We are so glad to have you here to learn more about which oils can help support the symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Essential oils can helps soothe the emotional and physical symptoms of anxiety and depression. Please, always seek the counsel of a qualified physician for serious illness.

Jasmine oil is great for depression and exhaustion, specifically nervous exhaustion or exhaustion from anxiety.

Orange oil is elevating and brings the mind joy and peace. A study in 1995 from Mie University documented that citrus essential oils boost immunity, relax, and reduce depression.

Neroli helps to uplift the mood and promote sensuality.

Our Joy Essential Oil Blend can help uplift depressive moods with its blend containing essential oils for depression. The blend helps to bring joy back into your life, especially when it feels hopeless.

Peace Essential Oil Blend is a grounding with a relaxing scent. Its helps to soothe symptoms of anxiety and anger.* The blend is ideal for those with anxiety. It also helps to increase feelings of joy and happiness, helping to reduce nervousness.

Depression can often come with feelings of worthlessness or self-guilt. Forgiveness Essential Oil Blend can help you let go of anger, guilt, and self-loathing. It contains:

Melissa which is an uplifting, lemon scented oil to help move the spirit forward.

Vetiver which is very emotionally grounding.

Sage is a smudge or cleanser of old energy, helps make room for forgiveness.

Rosewood helps clear room for compassion and grace, whether the forgiveness is to the self or forgiveness to others.

Frankincense aids in the understanding of self and others.

Sandalwood aids in seeing events/people spiritually and understanding forgiveness.

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