Essential Oils for Cats

Essential Oils for Cats

Essential oils for cats. There is so much mis-information out there regarding using essential oils on cats.

Jen has used essential oils on cats for over 15 years, she’s never killed one. She’s had 7 cats and had great success with maintaining their health and vitality.

You do not need a lot of essential oils applied on your cats. Less is more, same with a human. Cats are so small, you need a lot less.

A few ways to use essential oils on cats:
1. Diffusing with cats and essential oils. The cats have the choice to come and go. Use oils that are not obtrusive like oregano or cinnamon. Use oils that are gentle or too much for them like lavender, chamomile, or frankincense. Diffusing essential oils around the cats.

2. Topical application of oils to cats. Yes you can apply essential oils to your cats. One drop on your hand so it’s very spread thin, then pet the animal. Gentle oils that you would normally choose for a baby from flower, tree, root, and leaf oils.

Do not open your essential oil bottles and shove it under their nose. Crack the oil and leave them on the ground so the cat can go smell what they want to smell. Take the lid off too, they will gravitate to what they need. When they are done they will walk away.

Most important thing is to make sure you have PURE essential oils on your cats. Non-pure (adulterated) essential oils can harm a cat or even kill them.

Get the 12 Questions to Ask before buying essential oils so you know what to get. Learn about essential oils before you use them on your cats.

Essential Oils for Cats

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