Essential Oils For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Pain Relief

Essential Oils For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Pain Relief

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Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is a condition that affects the hand and wrist and occurs when the median nerve is compressed at the wrist.

The median nerve and several tendons pass through the carpal tunnel from the forearm to the hand. The problem arises when the median nerve is compressed as it passes through the carpal tunnel.

Often carpal tunnel can be unbearable pain or the feeling of swelling even when no swelling may be present. Ache and discomfort can possibly be felt more proximally in the forearm or even the upper arm.

Compression of the nerve produces the numbness, tingling and, eventually, hand weakness that characterize carpal tunnel syndrome. Some carpal tunnel sufferers say their fingers feel useless and swollen, even though little or no swelling is apparent.
You may first notice symptoms at night. You may be able to get relief by shaking your hand.

The dominant hand is usually affected first and produces the most severe pain. Women are three times more likely than men to get carpal tunnel syndrome. Risk factors include obesity, repetitive wrist work, pregnancy, and rheumatoid arthritis, hypothyroidism, and diabetes.

Carpal tunnel release is one of the most common surgical procedures in the United States.

Essential oils for carpal tunnel syndrome pain relief:

Angelica root
German chamomile

Avoid foods that are high in saturated fats and cholesterol.

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