Essential Oils as Feminine Genius Amplifiers

Essential Oils as Feminine Genius Amplifiers

Check out my video where I review my FAVORITE FOUR “fem gen” oils I use throughout my fertility cycle. I take what I know about the effects of aromatherapy and what I know about our fertility cycle and our shifting strengths and pair them together to create a fem gen regimen!

During the first phase of our cycle (our period) when we are intuitive and more likely to sort through forks in the road, big decisions, etc we can leverage this strength by using a grounding essential oil–we can LEVERAGE our feminine superpower and amplify its effect by using one of my ALL time favorite oils!

During the second phase of the cycle, we are idea-oriented, more energetic, and LIVELY. I recommend essential oils that will allow you to FOCUS in on all of your ideas.

During the third phase of our cycle, you are magnetic and highly attractive. If you have control over your work schedule, be sure to schedule presentations and opportunities here you are in front of others. The oil I recommend is a VERY attractive aroma, combine your phase of the cycle and this amazing oil and you will be hard to say no to 😉 –kind of joking, kind of not!

During the fourth phase of our cycle, you are more detail-oriented and not as energetic as you have been earlier in the cycle. Most people think about this phase of their cycle and think about their…angst?! The good news? The “angst” likely is your desire to create order. If you know this about yourself, you can give yourself (and those around you!) a break! The oil I recommend in this video is aimed at keeping you calm and balanced so that the hormones changes don’t throw you off too bad!

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