Essential Oils and Lifestyle

Essential Oils and Lifestyle

When people are starting out with Essential Oils or are thinking about using them, I always get asked…

“Hayley, how can I incorporate these Oils into my life? Don’t I need to have health condition or something wrong with me, before I use them?”

The answer is no!

You don’t need to have something “wrong” with you in order to use Oils, you can incorporate them into almost every area of your life on a daily basis.

Oils are really easy to use and can be used to treat ailments and as a preventative remedy to support your body’s immune system. Essential Oils have been used for centuries, and can be used topically, internally, they can be diffused, added to your foods whilst cooking, added to your drinks, used in tooth pastes, as a laundry detergent, as a disinfectant around the house, as skin care, shampoos and more.

Literally everything you think of there is a use for Oils.

They are powerful, healing and a fantastic natural remedy to incorporate into your life.

There are Oils that help with digestive issues and immune support that can be added to your cooking. Some of the oils like citrus oils can be added to your water, juices and smoothies along with other oils, to help elevate your mood, your energy levels, support your immune system and decrease anxiety.

Having a diffuser in your house with lavender for example can bring a lot of calm to a household and decrease levels of stress and anxiety. I use OnGuard Blend as a disinfectant around the house and on countertops instead of the toxic chemical alternatives you buy in the stores.

The aroma and fragrance of these oils is awesome too, which leaves your house smelling great. I also use the skin and hair care range as well as the laundry detergent, knowing that I am using an all natural solution in my house and on my body and eliminating those nasty toxic chemicals.

So you can use theme everyday in every aspect of your life. It is so easy to use oils and you’ll find the cost per drop is actually very reasonable.

My suggestion would be to get yourself a few bottles of different varieties and start incorporating them into your daily life. I am happy to help you get started.


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