Essential Oils and Kids

Essential Oils and Kids

Hey guys, Tricks are for Kids!
And EO’s are not just for adults!

Yes, EO’s are for kids too!

Did you know that we have incorporated EO’s into every aspect of our lives and even my 6 year old has been know to scream out, “I NEED MY OILS!”.

You gotta love that, right? I do. My children’s “go-to” is a form of natural holistic health. They literally know no other means.
We’ve added to our morning, before school faves like In Tune and Balance.

In Tune helps enhance and sustain a sense of focus and supports efforts of my little ones who may have difficulty paying attention and staying on task. Heck! I use it every morning too with my crazy life!
Balance helps lesson the stress of all of us throughout the day. Its great for my kiddos before bed too as it promotes peaceful dreams.

And speaking of bedtime, Madeline starting using her own diffuser even before she could pronounce the word. Her nighttime faves are Lavender and Serenity for obvious reasons and Lemon, because she thinks it smells like a muffin.

And what I love about doTERRA is that it’s helped me actually incorporate Madeline and the rest of my family into my business. She tends to travel with me often and anytime she arrives, she says, Mamma, will you be on stage? And I say, maybe, but you probably will be too! Madeline has become quite famous. I’m actually thinking of starting an IG account for her. Lol.

It’s always great to have your kids taking part in your passion and growing up promoting natural wellness by the time they are 5, right? 😉

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