Essential Oil Remedy for Back Pain

Essential Oil Remedy for Back Pain

The last step in my healing routine for my back is…. using essential oils!! I love my essential oils and use them pretty much for everything ❤️

The Best Essential Oils for Back Pain
1. Pepermint Oil
2. Juniper Oil
3. Clary Sage Oil
4. Eucalyptus Oil
5. Yarrow Oil
6. Rosemary Oil
7. Clove Essential Oil
8. Lavender
9. Wintergreen

The benefits of each oil I used for my back pain:
Peppermint oil – eases tension, relieves spasms, relieves pain

Eucalyptus Oil – anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, pain reliever

Lavender oil – antioxidant, pain reliever, relieves tension

Rosemary oil – antioxidant, increase blood flow, lowers cortisol,

My Remedy Recipe:
2 oz Dark bottle
Fill with Olive oil
Peppermint x15 drops
Eucalyptus x10 drops
Lavender x8 drops
Rosemary x10 drops
Shake it up well
Note: The amount of drops I determine by what I am using it for and my knowledge of the oils and blends, as well as my instincts of what I need.

Make sure you are using 100% pure essential oils from a reputable company. Not all essential oils are made the same. Some of the brands in health stores I will buy are Divine Essence, Now, Aromaforce.
Reputable companies with high quality oils:
Young Living
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