Essential Oil Remedies for Colds – Tried and Tested ? ?

Essential Oil Remedies for Colds – Tried and Tested ? ?

I filmed this yesterday, and as the video can attest, I was a snotty zombie.

And yet, just 24 hours later, I am healed! My nose may still be bunged up and I can’t taste or smell anything, but I’m definitely feeling peppy again. Miraculous!

And this all thanks to the power of essential oils. Seriously, if you’re suffering from the monster end-of-winter cold, start using these magical plant essences everywhere, all the time.

Essential oils have so many healing powers. They are:


And that’s just the As!

Seriously, there’s magic in those teeny and mysterious bottles. Here’s a peek into my heroine Nadine Artemis’ poetic world of oils, for some inspiration.

These are just some of the many ways you can use essential oils for treating a cold. They were mighty effective, so if you’re suffering, do give them a try.

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? Salt Pipe Inhaler:
? Ginger Essential Oil:
? Thyme Essential Oil:
? Peppermint Essential Oil:
? Jai Baby Balm:
? Camphor Essential Oil:

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