ESSENTIAL OIL DIYS Part 2 – Linen Spray, Body Mist, Toilet Spray, Immunity Booster

ESSENTIAL OIL DIYS Part 2 – Linen Spray, Body Mist, Toilet Spray, Immunity Booster

My favorite thing to with essential oils is to make products to use everyday. Feel free to change up any of the blends, if you are missing an oil you can google similar essential oils!

Linen Spray: I use this whenever I make my bed (if I am being honest this is every 2-3 days). These oils have antibacterial properties and leave my sheets smelling super clean. It also helps to spray this before using a lint roller to get dog hair off the bed.

Body Mist: This is what I use instead of perfume. I prefer oil blends because they are less strong and don’t smell fake. I spray this on my clothes, wrists, and neck. You can use any oils to make a body spray, this is just one of my favorites!

Toilet Spray: Do you use poo-pourri? Do you know how toxic fragrances are and how many chemicals are in those types of products? Instead of using something that has mystery ingredients use this diy spray! It works just as good, if not better, than poo-pourri. Spray before you go in the toilet and I promise you’ll thank me.

Immunity Booster: This diy I made using an old oil bottle. I cleaned it out and took off the old label (with lemon oil). I have some roller balls that fit on these bottle sand make it super easy to reuse them! I rub this blend on my feet every single night, especially when people around me during the day are sick.

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