Essential Oil Car Diffuser [PRODUCT REVIEW] – Life Science

Essential Oil Car Diffuser [PRODUCT REVIEW]  – Life Science

In-Depth Essential Oil Car Diffuser REVIEW!

Video Transcript:
Hi this is Troie Battles with Life Science and today I’m going to show you one of our most popular diffusers. Its our Essential Oil Car Diffuser. Look how sleek that is. It fits right into the cup holder of your car. It will run for five to six hours. It’s got a leak proof lid, so that you make sure it doesn’t leak. Automatic shut-off. It also has this charger that you plugin right to your car, so that works really well. Or you can buy a wall charger as well. And so make sure that you take off the top and inside notice that it has silver disk. Every two to three uses you need to make sure you clean off that disk with a qtip and white vinegar to make sure that your Car Diffuser is working at it’s maximum potential. Then you put in the water. And the great thing about the Car Diffuser is it has several different modes that you can use: low, high and intermitent. Then you put in your essential oil, make sure you put in enough oil to maintain the health and wellness that you desire. And then you put the top back on. It just screws on and thats what keeps it leak proof. You have the plugin in the back, so let me plug this in. And then you push the very top one and that will get it diffusing on a low level. If you would like it on high then you push it again and that will get it diffusing at a much higher level. If you want intermitent you push the button below it and then that will help it diffuse intermitently in your car. Any you can choose. And another feature of our Car Diffuser is that there are NO WICKS! And like I said before it will go for 5 to 6 hours. This is one of our most popular diffusers. And so make sure you go to, take a look at all of our diffusers for every room of your house and also your car and maintain your health and wellness all year long. Life Science Publishing and Products.

Here is a recap of this video:
00:09 Car Essential Oil Diffuser PRODUCT REVIEW
00:17 How the Car Diffuser works
00:40 How to clean your Car Oil Diffuser
01:18 How to use the different modes (low, high & intermitent)
01:36 How it functions in your car plus NO WICKS to worry about changing

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Essential Oil Car Diffuser [PRODUCT REVIEW] – Life Science

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