Epically Dumb Things People Have Done On Meth

Epically Dumb Things People Have Done On Meth

Seriously, don’t ever do meth.

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Scaremeister – Hybrid Thirteen


“Pouring Drug Rocks onto glass table in slow motion” by Scott Cornell/Shutterstock Premier

“House exploding” by Everett Collection/Shutterstock Premier

“Drug Addiction” by Encyclopedia Britannica Films/Archive.org

“Free Stock Footage ES: Emergency lights flash on a police truck in New Orleans, Louisiana” by Bottledvideo.com

“Drunk Driving DUI at Night Driver POV” by eyeidea/Shutterstock Premier

“1950s — A montage of drug addict faces followed by a criminal robbing a place shows the effects of narcotics addiction in this 1951 drug prevention film” by Rick Ray/Shutterstpock Premier

“Police lights flashing at night downtown at crime scene, close up” by Jesperson Productions/Shutterstock Premier


“Cracked Glass Texture III” by Everything IsInStock/Deviantart Creative Commons Search

“Exploding Meth Lab” by Joshua Ganderson/Flickr Creative Commons

“Don’t Fence Me In” by Jennifer/Flickr Creative Commons

“Fighter Jets 4” by Jeremiah “GrayBeard” Richards/Flickr Creative Commons

“Burning gas stovetop in darkened room-closeup” by Derrick Coetzee/Flickr Creative Commons

“Old Boonville, MO Wal-Mart” by Rob Stinnett/Flickr creative Commons

“Coming to AMERICA!” by Prayitno/ more than 2 million views thankyou!/Flickr Creative Commons

“Crystal Meth” by Radspunk/Flickr Creative Commons

“Nice Jugs (212/365)” by Casey Fleser/Flickr creative Commons

“Red emergency room sign on the side of hospital with windows” by cvm/Shutterstock

“Crystal methamphetamine” by Psychonaught/Wiki creative commons

“Why I like France” by Evan Bench/Flickr Creative Commons

“Let there be FIRE” by Lindsey Turner/Flickr Creative Commons

“Suburban Christmas” by Robert Couse-Baker/Flickr Creative Commons

“transportation, crime and ownership concept — thief stealing bag from the car” by Syda Productions/Shutterstock

“Cute baby sleep in the baby car seat at the front car seat” by gezzeg/Shutterstock

“Dumpster Parking” by Marcel Regimbald/Flickr Creative commons

“Close-up. Arrested man handcuffed hands at the back” by Jinga/Shutterstock

“Paranoid man looking to the side, look” by Richard Paul Kane/Shutterstock


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