Drink this and you will reduce your Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia

Drink this and you will reduce your Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia

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So, let’s start…
If you want to stay healthy, you must keep your brain healthy – it’s as simple as that. The brain is one of the most important (if not the most important) organ in the body. It controls all our body functions, but we rarely pay much attention to its health.
When we’re young, we pay no mind to memory lapses. Forgetting where you’ve put your keys or if you left the fridge open might not be a big thing when you’re 20, but if you’re older, it might be one of the first symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. Dementia has become such a big problem nowadays, that a new case is diagnosed at an alarming rate.
What is dementia?
Dementia is a mental disorder which makes you forget thins all the time and causes massive damage to your brain. It is a serious health concern and can even be considered life-threatening. Of course, forgetting things now and then isn’t that big of a problem, but if it happens too often, you may be looking at dementia. Our brain’s function does decline overage, but if this occurs too quickly, it can cause serious damage to your brain.
Can our brain power be improved naturally?
Yes, introducing some lifestyle changes can boost the function of our brain and improve its function. For example, mental exercises can boost the blood flow to our brain and lower inflammation. Several studies have shown that mental challenges can keep our brain sharp and increase the size of our hippocampus.
The first step towards a healthier brain is our diet. We should all eat foods containing omega-3s and antioxidants and eggs are a perfect choice. There are other foods that can help as well, but then there’s another problem – how can include them in our diet all at once? The answer is juiced. You may have heard about natural juice cleanses which work great, but the truth is that natural juices can help improve your brain even besides cleaning your body of toxins.
Here are 6 simple natural juices that will improve your brain function:
Beet juice
Beets are among the healthiest vegetable that exists. Yes, you may not like the taste, but if you knew how beneficial they are, you would certainly consume more of them. A great way to get all the benefits a beetroot offers is to juice it. The juice is full of vitamin C, iron, magnesium and folate which can improve the blood and oxygen flow to the brain and help it function better. One study showed that people who drink beet juice regularly have better blood circulation to the brain and improved white matter in the frontal lobes as well. TO put it simply, their brains function far better than the rest of us.
Carrot juice
Carrots are another great vegetable rich in essential nutrients our body and brain need on a daily basis. They contain a lot of potassium which can relax your blood vessels and prevent stroke and are also an excellent source of beta-carotene, an antioxidant that can boost our brain power. Beta-carotene can reduce oxidative stress in the brain, which has previously been linked to declined cognitive function.
Besides tasting delicious, cocoa contains flavonols that can reduce your blood pressure and the risk of heart attack and stroke as well. Cocoa can also improve the blood circulation to the brain and protect the brain cells from damage. Even studies have shown that flavonols can improve your memory and sharpen your thinking skills as well. If you’re wondering what type of cocoa you need, dark chocolate seems to work best.
Green tea
Hailed as one of the healthiest natural beverages, green tea certainly has its benefits for our brain. According to a recent Chinese research, people who drink at least a cup of green tea per day have a significantly lower risk of cognitive problems. Most of the properties can be attributed to the catechins, powerful compounds that can improve the brain activity and prevent cognitive deterioration. Furthermore, another compound known as EGCG can also protect your neurons from damage.
Berry smoothies
Berry smoothies are a great way of starting your day and they will also give you a mental boost. Most berries are rich in flavonoids and anthocyanins (which give them their dark color) that can repair inflammatory damage in your brain cells. Studies have shown that berry smoothies can also prevent age-related memory loss, so make sure to drink them more often.

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