doTERRA Essential Oils For Natural Energy

doTERRA Essential Oils For Natural Energy

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Tips for using doTERRA essential oils for natural energy.

0:11 My New Year’s Resolution revolves around using essential oils for energy.
0:28 Let me just explain how I’m using the essential oils for energy.
0:42 In the morning, OnGuard and Melaleuca.
0:50 Then I drink two glasses of water before breakfast, and in each glass of water is a drop of Grapefruit, and a drop of Lime.
0:58 And then before lunch, and before dinner are my third and fourth waters. And that is a drop of Grapefruit and a drop of Lemon.
1:07 And then before bed is another glass of water, and then Lavender before bed. So that’s my routine.
1:14 Most of those oils are to provide energy, and that’s what I was looking for this year.
1:35 In the morning we use OnGuard and Melaleuca. I’ve been using this for immune support.
2:11 That provides them with immune support throughout the day.
2:45 All of the citrus oils that I’m using – Grapefruit, Lime, and Lemon – they all provide energy. So I’m getting a little bit of energy boost also, in each of these glasses of water.
3:57 In that routine, I’m getting immune system boost, getting energy, decreased appetite, and then also it helps with rest at night with the Lavender.
4:23 So I’ve definitely noticed I have a huge energy burst throughout the day by using all of those citrus oils.
4:40 I’m not having to drink as much coffee. I used to drink quite a bit of coffee.
4:57 How much is this costing me? So I calculated a drop of each of these oils that I’m using.
5:08 It only comes up to 70 cents a day. So that’s pretty cheap, that’s something I can afford.
5:14 70 cents a day for energy and all the other things that I’m enjoying from the essential oils.

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