DocTalk Episode #23: Monday LIVE Q&A

DocTalk Episode #23: Monday LIVE Q&A

Join Dr. Darrell Wolfe as he answers your important questions on this special Monday Q&A – DocTalk Episode #23.

13:25 – Laura – facebook How to treat diverticulitis
25:35 – Patricia Gill – How to treat fibromyalgia
27:52 – Lara Windbringer – facebook – Best food to heal – colitis
34:11 – Laurie Parker – Can we fix facet syndrome
38:41 – Sara Johanson – Is sugar inflammatory?
43:46 – Frank – facebook – Parkinson disease
48:15 – Karyn Porter – facebook – arthritis in my hands
51:15 – Jackie – facebook – Could you please talk about calcification of the abdominal aorta, iliac artery and full hysterectomy?
54:53 – Peter – Kagen water
56:11 – Mary Wells – Good brand of essential oil?
56:44 – Mary Wells – Fermented drinks good?
57:30 – Tony – I have some strangely shaped red blood cells and was told there’s no pathology with them.
59:47 – Alexis – Mucus issue
1:07:50 – Cindy – Can I sleep with the bodyguard?
1:08:36 – Colette – How do I protect myself from my commute to and from work
1:12:15 – Best way of getting structured water?
1:12:55 – Poppy Lindsay – One meal a day
1:15:40 – Water & Africa
1:15:55 – What minerals would you recommend?
1:16:53 – Roger – After I’m done on the toilet, it doesn’t feel like I’m fully done
1:18:14 – Precautions while living by power line
1:18:50 – Robin – Can’t afford much, help!
1:20:46 – First-time user of Belly Button Therapy, it’s sore
1:22:40 – Kimberly – tubes tied
1:25:33 – Kalopi – Healing Raynolds
1:28:15 – Shingles
1:30:59 – Unvaxed child vs vaxed child
1:31:40 – Andrea – Vaccines and fetuses
1:32:09 – Lara – coffee enema
1:32:59 – hysterectomy
1:34:38 – Cyst

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