Do-it-yourself WITH PEPPERMINT Essential oils

Do-it-yourself WITH PEPPERMINT Essential oils

🌎One of the things I love about Essential oils is that you can create your own daily user products like soaps, shampoo, lip balm, deodorant, etc. and it is completely non-toxic, natural and healthier for you, your home and your environment. 🌎💚

This video shows you what Essential oils I use and why, why you should be careful about where you get your EOs from and an example of a DIY gift though can easily make for the holidays that smells amazing, feels wonderful and comes from the heart!❤❤



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✨To enhance your practice, adjust your mindset, reduce toxic load and promote wellness🤰🏋️‍♀️🤸‍♂️, I suggest using Essential Oils. However be very careful what EOs you use, and make sure you use them properly and safely. Here is a video and instructions for proper use of oils: 💕✌🙌I ONLY USE DOTERRA’s Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils because they are completely PURE, NO ADULTERATIONS, POTENT AND EFFECTIVE, Safe to Take internally (Those will have nutrition labels) and give back to the world like no other EO company out there. A membership will give you 25% off of all products for a year, you get to earn FREE product every month, there are additional savings and you have an opportunity to turn your sharing and using of their Essential Oils into a BOOMIN business, NO MATTER WHERE YOU LIVE IN THE WORLD! 👍😁CLICK HERE NOW TO SAVE ON THE BEST ESSENTIAL OILS IN THE WORLD!🐱‍👓🐱‍🏍

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