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So in today video, I want to talk about essential oil on acne and if essential oil honestly work on your skin. I love essential oils in general and use them in my office to clean the air, sanitize counters and to help keep the energy peaceful, calm and stress-free for my clients.


The problem I have with essential oils is more about the people recommending them. I have noticed somewhat of a cult following with essential oils that can mislead people into believing that they will alway work on “EVERY” skin issue and “EVERY” person because they are natural and from live plants. WRONG! Just like anything, some get amazing results while others only get more of an aromatic experience, which is great.

I believe that using essential oils is a personal choice. They can be helpful and a great additive to your skincare regimen. They can help calm down irritation and stress, inflammation, bacteria and help heal the skin. If you are you troubled by acne, wrinkles or skin issues, I think you should not put all your eggs in one basket. For sure add them to your skincare regime but don’t get frustrated if you hit a wall or realize that they might now work best on your particular issue or skin type. ALWAY WEAR SPF WHEN USING ESSENTIAL OILS.

I have seen incredible results from using essential oils like Tea tree oil, and then I’ve seen many, many people have a horrible reaction causing contact dermatitis and acne flair ups. Please try essential oils but also be mindful that you may need more help with other skincare ingredients. Reach out if you have any questions my dear and please if you do decide to use essential oils, please buy a higher quality oil that is not filled with perfume or nasty carrier oils.

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