DIY: World's Best Natural Deodorant Recipe

DIY: World's Best Natural Deodorant Recipe

See how to make the best natural deodorant. This DIY antiperspirant recipe will keep your armpits fresh natural and aluminum free!
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Hey guys! Not a fan of chemical-based antiperspirants, but don’t feel like stinking up the place? Follow these easy steps to make your own SUPER effective DIY natural deodorant. Your armpits will be fresh, natural and aluminum free before you can say “smell ya later!” (Full ingredients list below.)

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Now let me ask you a question, do you sweat? Duh, of course you do. You’re human. And what do you use to stop this? Antiperspirant. Well guess what? Antiperspirant has aluminum in it which is a toxin. Now why would you want to put that in your body? Well I just happen to have an antiperspirant and deodorant that is natural and totally works!

So here’s what you’re gonna need. Some beeswax, organic virgin coconut oil, baking soda, corn starch, a deodorant container, and as an option, you can get essential oil and vitamin E. So the first thing we’re going to do is melt down our beeswax. Alright, now that our pot is boiling, we’re just gonna place our beeswax into the pot and we’re gonna make it float nicely. And beeswax is not only going to help hold our deodorant together, but it’s also going to leave a protective coating onto your skin to help you stop sweating. Oh, it’s done! Melted. Gotta do the happy dance. And then you’re going to grab this with this thing. So once your beeswax has cooled a little bit, you’re going to take your coconut oil and put it into the mixture. And at this point if you want to add in your essential oils and your vitamin E oil you can do that as well. I’m going to do about a teaspoon of the vitamin E oil. Come on vitamin E. And then just a few drops of essential oil. Then we’re going to add in our corn starch. And then we’re going to add in our baking soda. Now if your skin is a little bit more sensitive, you may want to adjust your baking soda measurements with your corn starch. So that means just putting a little more corn starch and a little less baking soda. So now we’re just going to mix all up until it’s nice and creamy, and I’m sweating like a bitch. Now you’re going to take your empty deodorant container, and you’re going to pour it in nice and gently. Yay I did it! Alright I think I got the situation under control.

We got all the ingredients in the deodorant bottle, we cleaned everything up. And now we’re just going to wait for it to solidify. Now you can just let this solidify out on a counter, or you can put in into a refrigerator to help speed along the process. So we just took our deodorant out of the refrigerator and now it’s ready to use! So who wants to do it? Hello? Frank, you wanna? Well I guess it’s just me. Where’s my tips? Good thing I brought a rip-away. I’m just gonna put it on. Smells amazing. So, that is my whole tip. I hope that you liked it. Make sure that you comment down below and tell us if it worked for you. And also give this video a nice thumbs up and subscribe to Pretty Good Videos because hey, they’re pretty good. And don’t forget, if you like these tips and more, you can go check out my channel at On the Cheap tip here on Youtube. See ya later, bye! What are you doing? Bye!

Best Natural Deodorant Ingredients

You will need:

2 Tbsp Beeswax
1/4 Cup Coconut Oil
1 Tbsp Baking Soda
1 Tbsp Cornstarch
1 Tsp Vitamin E
Empty Sterilized Deodorant containers
Double boiler
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