DIY Lymphatic Drainage Exercises for Swollen Legs: How to Reduce Swelling and Lymphedema in Ankles

DIY Lymphatic Drainage Exercises for Swollen Legs: How to Reduce Swelling and Lymphedema in Ankles

Do It Yourself Exercises to help you reduce swelling and edema in your lower extermities: toes, feet, ankles, knees and legs. These at home lymphedema exercises will help your drain excess fluid retention and drain the lymphatics of your leg, greatly reducing the development of lymphedema in your legs.

As a Naturopath and a Certified Lymphatic Drainage Therapist – I work with patients every day who are often unable to easily dry skin brush or rebound to drain their lymphatic systems. These easy DIY at home lymphedema and swelling reduction leg exercises are easy to perform.

1. Elevated legs – against a wall or headboard of bed

2. Elevated Ankle Pumps – against a wall or headboard of bed – pumping from ankle – up and downward motion

3. Elevated Ankle Twists – against a wall or headboard of bed – moving ankle in and out in a brisk, quick fashion

4. Seated Ankle Pumps – seated with butt on surface like the floor or bed, legs stretched out – quickly, briskly pumping the ankles

5. Elevated Ankle Pumps – using a pillow or two – ankle pumps

6. Leg Pumps – swiftly moving legs left to right (outward – inward) from hips while laying completely on your back. Keeping feet pointed upwards to the ceiling.

7. Toe Pumps – seated position pump just your toes – fast pumping moving/scrunching your toes up and down

Ankle Pumps, Leg Pumps and Toe Pumps are key to moving the lymph and lymphatic system to drain up and into the abdominal region.

Moving your lymphatic fluid to reduce swelling and lymphedema in toes, feet, ankle, knees and legs is key to helping resolve your swelling situation. Exercising and moving your legs, ankles and toes will help you body drain the excess fluid.

Speed isn’t always key for all these exercises. Depending on the degree of your lymphedema and swelling you might want to do these exercises for a longer period of time.

Couple up these exercises with these lymph draining – swelling reducing activities:
1. Ginger Tea
2. Water/Hydration – coconut water is my favorite
3. High protein meals
4. Low sodium meals
5. Minimize sugar intake
6. Eliminate gluten

To watch more way to successfully reduce swelling in your body and move your lymphatics with lymphatic drainage therapy techniques watch my Lymphatic Drainage Therapy Play List:


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