DIY Lemon Balm Balm :)

DIY Lemon Balm Balm :)

EDITS: To dry herbs, you shouldn’t leave them out in direct sun, but in a shady area outside is fine.


Lemon balm and lower stress levels:

Valerian/Lemon balm combo and improved sleep:

Lemon balm and herpes:

Hey everyone! My name is Judy and I’m from Happy Holistics. So, it is lemon balm harvesting season and since it’s growing like crazy in about 3 different areas of our garden, I thought I’d show you how I make a lemon balm balm.

Step 1: The Infusion Process

You’re gonna need:

* Dried lemon balm
* Liquid oil – I chose avocado oil because it lasts a pretty decent amount of time without going smelly and rancid.

If you don’t have access to fresh lemon balm, you can always purchase dried lemon balm as we’re going to dry them anyway.

Start by picking your lemon balm. The more you pick, the stronger the infusion and as the leaves are left to dry, they will shrink. But also keep in mind that over-picking an area can interfere with its growth for following years – so definitely leave the roots in there and resist the urge to pick the plants clean. You want to leave enough for other animals as well as your future self.

Here they are after being rinsed with water. Allow them to air-dry until crunchy – I left them out in the sun for about 3 days. You should hear the crunching of lemon balm when it’s ready to use. This drying process is super important because if you accidentally retain some of the moisture with your leaves, it could contaminate the batch and the oil will go bad quicker.

I reused this container because the brown tint will help protect the oil. I squished it all my lemon balm – leaves and stems into the jar. You can crush the leaves beforehand, if desired.

Then top with avocado oil. You want to make sure that the oil completely covers your lemon balm and you may need to push it down a couple times during the infusion process. Allow it to sit in a warm spot for at least 10 days and shake it when you get a chance. The longer you let it steep, the stronger your potency – so some people wait about 2 months.

Step 2: The Balm

I’ll let most of my infusion sit for longer and then strain it, but I’ll just take a little bit to show you how the balm will come together.

I used 3 tsp beeswax, 2 tsp coconut oil, 1 tsp of cocoa butter and of course, 3 tsp lemon balm infused oil. In the oven or stovetop, melt together all ingredients using low heat and combine well. Remove from heat and once it’s cooled, it’s ready to go. I actually transferred it to a glass container before letting it cool. To use, rub into the skin or use it as a lip balm.

Lemon balm is great for promoting calmness and sleep as well as for reducing stress and anxiety. One of the more interesting studies I found was regarding the use of lemon balm extract in herpes cases. I’ll leave links to some research below for your perusal, but keep in mind that extracts are way stronger than infusions so this balm may not be potent enough for that purpose.

That is all I’ve got for you for this week. Please like this video if you found this information helpful and subscribe to my channel if you would like more videos like this.


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