Spice up your home with the beautiful festive aromas of Mulled Wine, Mandarin Spice and Apple Pie! You only need 3 ingredients to make your own Reed Diffuser. Personalised Reed Diffusers make for easy homemade holiday gift ideas and these 3 Festive Recipes are the perfect addition to your home during the holiday season.

DIY HOME AIR FRESHENER! Reed Diffuser make for easy homemade holiday gift ideas. This tutorial includes 3 Festive Recipes

Homemade air fresheners are a great way to get started into DIYs, as well as adding a personal touch to your home. But arguably the most compelling reason to start making your own fragrance diffuser sticks is that – store bought reed diffusers are expensive! I appreciate that some might also have concerns over the ingredients found in conventional air fresheners, so this video on how to make reed diffusers with essential oils, provides a great non-toxic air freshener alternative.

For my reed diffuser oil, I used Almond oil as the base. You could also use safflower oil, however I don’t recommend using any other type of oil and I explain the reason why in the tutorial. For the 3 Festive recipes fragrances I have used a mixture of pure essential oils and some fragrance oils. Fragrance oils are synthetic fragrances that can cause irritation when they come in contact with the skin, for that reason I have made sure to provide reed diffuser essential oil recipes as well. Whenever I create DIYs that are intended to be used or applied on the body, I only use essential oils – however, as reed diffusers are air fresheners, I opted for a couple recipes that use fragrance oils so that I could get my desired festive scents.

Looking for more Festive DIYs and Recipes? Winter is definitely the season of spice, and in honour of that I have a spicy festive playlist of recipes and DIYs that perfectly compliment the season. Watch below:

How to make Reed Diffuser with essential oils:
Base Ingredients:
• ¼ cup Almond Oil or Safflower Oil
• 2 tablespoons Vodka or rubbing alcohol –
• 20 – 30 drops Essential oil (depending on how strong you would like your fragrance)

Festive Recipe Fragrances:
Mulled Wine Reed Diffuser
• 10 drops Winter Berry Fragrance Oil
• 5 drops Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil
• 3 drops Nutmeg Essential Oil
• 2 drops Sweet Orange Essential Oil
• 2 drops Clove Essential Oil

Mandarin Spice Reed Diffuser
• 15 drops Sweet Orange Essential Oil
• 5 drops Vanilla Essential Oil (or 10 drops diluted vanilla oil)
• 5 drops Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil

Apple Pie
• 10 drops Apple Fragrance Oil
• 10 drops Vanilla Essential Oil
• 5 drops Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil
• 3 drops Nutmeg Essential Oil

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