DIY Flu Medicine: CURE (and Prevent) a COLD or FLU with this homemade FLU BOMB Recipe

DIY Flu Medicine: CURE (and Prevent) a COLD or FLU with this homemade FLU BOMB Recipe

This video is a recipe for preventing and recovering from the cold and flu. Best of all, you can make it at home!

Products mentioned:

1) Tea Kettle:
2) R2D2 Garlic Chopper:
3) Lemon Press:
4.) Honey:
5.) Cayenne Pepper:
6.) Thyme:
7.) Rosemary:
8.) Tea Tree Oil:

9.) Here’s how to create one of the most powerful, immune system boosting health tonics in the world (called Fire Cider):

10.) Here’s my homemade cough medicine recipe:

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