DIY Facial Oil for Healthy Clear Skin| Argan Oil | Rosehip Seed Oil | Natural Skincare

DIY Facial Oil for Healthy Clear Skin| Argan Oil | Rosehip Seed Oil | Natural Skincare


Helllooo my loves!! As requested, I made a video on my DIY FACIAL OIL! I switched to oils about 6 months ago because I was sick of wasting money on commercial creams and lotions that supposedly used natural/organic ingredients…but if you read the ingredient list, the first 3 million ingredients are chemicals that you can’t even pronounce. My skin was not improving and I decided to try something new. I jumped on the all organic, natural, hipster vibe bandwagon and experimented with some facial oils. I WILL NEVER GO BACK TO USING LOTIONS. Honestly, the results have been amazing.
For everyone who is concerned about oily skin – trust me, natural oils do not make your skin oiler. It should help with excessive oiliness by creating a balanced environment — you’ll start to see differences in less than a week.
To all my loving subscribers, if you’re not 100% satisfied with your current skin routine, its time to make a change and try some oils! You will not be disappointed.

Make sure all the oils you buy are unrefined and cold-pressed so that you don’t miss out on any of the nutrients! I have gotten oils from Amazon oil (Argan, Rosehip and Jojoba) and they don’t compare to the quality of the oils from Pura D’or. The Pura D’or oils are so wonderful and my skin is really loving them (and they’re cruelty-free!). Since these oils last for a LONG time (I can make 3-4 more stashes of facial oil with my supply), its definitely worth buying a higher quality oil. This is what you’ll be putting on your face every single day so don’t hesitate to splurge a little bit. That being said, I do have a coupon code for Pura D’or! YAY

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The base oil is the main ingredient in this mix so its important to select one that has the right type of benefits for you. I chose Argan Oil because it is perfect for all skin tones — it is moisturizing, healing and lightweight.
Other base oil options:
*Jojoba Oil – literally on par with argan oil, and cheaper!
*Avocado Oil – Really helpful for dry skin
*Grapeseed Oil – Really helpful for oily skin

It’s not required to mix oils for a facial oil, but I say its always a good thing to have these oils add extra benefits to your skin routine. I am using Rosehip Seed Oil because it is good for all skin types. Its great for tightening skin and preventing signs of aging (as well as reversing signs of aging). This oil does have a bit of a stank to it but it soaks in easily and the smell wears off within minutes.
Other nourishing oil options:
*Evening Primrose Oil – Great for all skin types, especially good for acne
*Neem Oil – Great for acne/prone skin because it has antimicrobial effects

Now, the essential oil has many purposes, but the main one is to give your oil a good smell so that its more pleasing to work with. I say go with Lavender, no doubt about it. I ran out of Lavender, so I’m using chamomile essence and I have noticed it does have a naturally calming effect — not just for my skin physically but for me mentally.
Other essential oil options:
*Rose – Good for normal, dry, and aging skin. Amazing smell
*Lemongrass – Good for toning and brightening, good for acne skin
*Peppermint – Good for oily skin

1.Fill your dropper bottle with about 2/3 of the way with your base oil.
2. Layer it off with rosehip seed oil (about 1/3 or less unless you can handle the smell of more)
3. Add anywhere for 5-7 drops of essential oil. With every few drops, mix and smell your oil. You don’t want the essential oil to be overpowering.

I suggest you start by making a 1 ounce supply of oil. I am using a 2 oz bottle and only filled it up about halfway. 1 oz can last me 2-3 months easily depending on how frequently I use it. I use my oil every single night after washing my face. I take few drops on my hands and pat it into my skin for about 1-2 minutes. Every single morning, I wake up to glowing, beautiful, revitalized skin.

*I highly suggest you buy oil from a high-quality company that promises integrity with its products in terms of being natural and organic.
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You can also check out for some of the oils mentioned above. Make sure you read the honest reviews. I have gotten some oils for amazon that were far from the real deal.

This is an example one from WholeFoods. Unless you’re buying in bulk, don’t buy these online and waste your money! Its $2-4 at the store —

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