DIY CHEBE BUTTER | How to make Chebe Infused Oil ft. Sahel Cosmetics

DIY CHEBE BUTTER | How to make Chebe Infused Oil ft. Sahel Cosmetics

✨Try Chebe Powder the traditional way or your way:

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Hey all! I have heard so much about Chebe powder and I am excited to give it a try. You can try the Chebe powder the traditional way or by using another method that is more conducive to your lifestyle. I decided to make a DIY Chebe Butter and I LOVE it! 😍

✨What is Chebe Powder?

A mixture of herbs used to lubricate and strengthen the hair strands. The women of Chad apply it with cream and oil to the length of their hair (not the scalp) and then braid it into a protective style.

The Chebe mixture stays in the hair and is reapplied every 3 to 5 days. This method encourages length retention and prevents the breaking of the hair.

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✨DIY Chebe Butter

Ingredients | Measurements (g=grams)
(Made approx. 16 oz)

– 139.48 g | Chebe Infused Oil
– 3.8 g | Chebe Powder
-138 g | Carrier oil blend – (Castor oil, Jojoba oil, Avocado oil, & Hemp seed oil)
– 68.04 g | Kokum butter:
– 51.03 g | Illipe butter:
– 37.42 g | Mango butter:
– 23.81 g | Cocoa butter:
– 17.01 g | Coconut oil:
– Few drops | Vitamin E:

– Lemongrass Essential Oil
– Benzion Resin:

*I did not measure the essential oils, but I used a-lot because the Chebe has a very strong earthy, herbal smell. I used lemongrass because it is a bright but assertive smell that camouflaged the aroma of the Chebe well.
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