Diffuser Oil Blends for the Office – Diffuser Oil DIY

Diffuser Oil Blends for the Office – Diffuser Oil DIY

How to make your own DIY Diffuser Blend with Essential Oils is easy. For the home office, you want to choose essential oils that help you stay focused and sharp. I rely on memory enhancing oils like rosemary, lemon, and cedarwood.

Now for the home office this is where you want your area to help you to stay alert and focused right you want to focus on your business and so for this I’m going to be using two drops of
lemon lemon and it’s very helpful in stimulating your mind and focus and I’m going to add two drops of basil and then need to grab my rosemary over here. let’s see because rosemary again helps your mind to stay focused now if you are working in a place where they don’t allow to you to use any kind of fragrances I carry a pocket diffuser with me now with this one it’s a lot an inhaler you’re going to want to play Scholz inside it using a pipette you just grab your oil and put it down in the little holes put your little top on carry it with you and so when you’re at home or at work you just carry it with you and just smell nice you

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