Deep Clean and Freshen Your Mattress Using One Ingredient Only!

Deep Clean and Freshen Your Mattress Using One Ingredient Only!

Deep Clean and Freshen Your Mattress Using One Ingredient Only!
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We always claim that we spend our lives while working hard but actually 30% of our lives is spent while sleeping. That means on an average we spend about 200,000 hours in our bed.

So, this means it is important to take proper care of our mattress and keep it clean. It is important for our health to clean the mattress to remove the impurities, stains and bad odor.

In your house bed covers, pillows, carpeting, mattresses and clothing are the most important places where dust mites are present. Off course, the mattresses are best place for bacterias to hide and live long.

How To Clean and Freshen Your Mattress!

You don’t need any expensive liquids or cleaner to clean the mattress. Here is a simple recipe with affordable ingredients which will help you to remove the impurities from your mattress.

The homemade cleaning product is free from toxic chemicals and thus safe to use.

The main ingredient of this recipe is baking soda and the essential oil is used to provide a pleasant scent to your mattress which you help you to sleep better.

Things you need:

1. Baking Soda 1 Box (16 Ounces).
2. Essential Oil 10 to 20 Drops.
3. Vacuum Cleaner.


1. Open 1 box of baking soda and add 10 to 20 drops of essential oil to it.
2. You can mix the ingredients properly by turning the box upside down for few times.
3. Now, sprinkle the mixture on the bed and rub it on the mattress using your fingertips.
4. Leave the mixture on your bed for 1 to 2 hour.
5. Then clean the mattress using a vacuum cleaner. You will see the dirt will be removed very quickly.

The remedy is very useful to keep the mattress clean and free from dirt. The essential oil used in the recipe are helpful to induce better sleep and also has anti-bacterial properties which protect us from the harmful bacteria present on the mattress.
Remember to flip your mattress at least twice in a year to keep it in a right shape. This recipe will not only remove the dust mites but also removes dirt, residue and extra moisture from the mattress.

This process will improve your sleep. Enjoy a sound sleep on a clean mattress.

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