Dark circle cream, 😳केवल 3 ingredients require #DarkCircle #Diy #LoveYouZindagi

Dark circle cream, 😳केवल 3 ingredients require #DarkCircle #Diy #LoveYouZindagi

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This video is about, how you can get ride of your dark circles problem by homemade DIY cream.

This remedy contain mainly 3 ingredients :-
1). Cucumber gel / aloe Vera gel /cucumber juice
2). Vitamin e capsules
3). Badam oil (Rogan badam shirin )

*Mix them like the way I tell you in the video than your ,Homemade DIY customize cream is ready.
*Apply it around you eyes massage for 20-35 seconds minimum.
*Than take beauty sleep 😴.

Also :-
You can also apply it on your face and can also add essential oils.

Note :- But remember don’t add any essential oil if you only want to apply it for dark circles.
Because essential oil harm to you and your eyes, it can cause damage and burning sensation.

Dark circle cream, 😳केवल 3 ingredients. #LoveYouZindagi

#Happy new year to all….

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