CPAP Essential Oil Infusion Adapter Tutorial For Sleep Apnea Devices

CPAP Essential Oil Infusion Adapter Tutorial For Sleep Apnea Devices

CPAP Essential Oil Infusion Adapter For Sleep Apnea Devices


How It Works!

Step 1 – Apply a few drops of your favorite dōTERRA, Young Living or Plant Therapy essential oils to the felt pad.

Step 2 – Insert the pad into the CPAP Infusion Adapter.

Step 3 – Connect the adapter to your mask and hose and enjoy a restful night of sleep!3-steps-v3.png

What are people saying about CPAP Infusion?

“I’ve been a CPAP user for almost 3 years, and it wasn’t until I started using CPAP infusion, that finally made the CPAP bearable to use every night!”

“I love being able to put different types of essential oils into my CPAP and smell it for the whole night…it has Truly made a difference for me with my sleep and I’ve enjoyed the added benefit from breathing in different oils that help me be more relaxed and added healing.”

“Don’t even think about using a CPAP without the CPAPInfusion, it will definitely change your life!!”


“The CPAP Infusion adapter is a really unique product. It is actually really easy to attach to my CPAP. A lot of machines are different but the way the silicone is made, and because it attaches to the hose, I’m sure it fits them all.”

“I love that you can put different oils in it. Depending on my mood I can use a lavender oil to make me feel more relaxed or a eucalyptus oil that will make you breath better.”

“I love CPAP Infusion! I definitely recommend it to others. It makes using a CPAP less annoying to use and something to look forward to breathing in that smells nice.”


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