Cleaning and Around the House with Essential Oils

Cleaning and Around the House with Essential Oils

Well I’m sure you’ve heard me talking about how I use essential oils everywhere and all the time, right?

Aromatically by smelling them or diffusing them, internally by putting them in my food, water or a gel cap….

Well did you know that there are even more ways to use your oils?

I actually use them as a more holistic, non-toxic way to clean my house! And for my own personal care!

For instance, I wash and condition these locks with doTERRA’s shampoo and conditioner. I wash my face with doTERRA’s pure and anti-aging essential oils skin care line. I brush my teeth with doTERRA’s On Guard toothpaste. Yes, having On Guard immunity blend in the toothpaste helps support my immune system!

Same with my laundry detergent, foaming hand wash and all purpose cleaner. YES! I use the On Guard blends.

No wonder my family has such fantastic overall health! 😉

I even make easy spray bottles of Lemon, Wild Orange or Melaleuca (tea tree) oil with water so I can spray them on my countertops and in my fridge, thereby making my house smell unbelievable. Not to mention, as you know, essential oils are safe and completely non-toxic.

There are so many powerful uses for essential oils that you can incorporate into your home on a daily basis.

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