Charcoal & Clay Cold Process Soap

Charcoal & Clay Cold Process Soap

Charcoal & Clay Cold Process Soap with Rose Clay, Activated Bamboo Charcoal, & White Kaolin Clay using dividers and a hanger swirl.

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My blog post on this soap:

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Remember to always wear safety glasses and gloves when making soap. If you’ve never made cold process soap before, check out these helpful videos:
Soap Queen TV – LYE SAFETY:
Amanda Aaron of Lovinโ€™ Soap – BEGINNER SERIES:

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**** Video Timeline ****
00:23 – preparing the clays, charcoal, & essential oil (EO) blend
01:04 – measuring the coconut milk & adding it to the oils
01:25 – preparing the mold & dividers
01:32 – blending the lye & oils
02:00 – separating the soap & adding the clays, charcoal, & EOs
02:36 – pouring the soap
03:21 – hanger swirl & finishing the top
04:13 – unmolding the soaps
04:38 – steaming the top of the loaf
04:55 – cutting the soap
05:57 – final photos

**** RECIPE ****
Olive Oil – 30%
Coconut Oil – 26%
Shea Butter – 15%
Avocado Oil – 9%
Cocoa Butter – 7%
Sunflower Oil – 7%
Castor Oil – 6%

Superfat – 5%

I used the milk-in-oil method for this recipe. This method calls for equal amounts of water, milk, and sodium hydroxide. The water and sodium hydroxide are mixed together as usual, while the milk is added to the melted oils. I always add a bit more water (14g) just to make sure my sodium hydroxide completely dissolves.

Water = same amount as your calculated sodium hydroxide + 14 grams
Coconut Milk = same amount as your calculated sodium hydroxide

To calculate your sodium hydroxide for your specific recipe amounts, you can use a soap calculator like the one at Majestic Mountain Sage:

Rose Clay –
2 teaspoons hydrated with distilled water
I used 1 teaspoon of the hydrated rose clay per cup of soap

Activated Hardwood Charcoal – (Amazon affiliate link)
Activated Bamboo Charcoal –
2 teaspoons mixed with 1 tbsp sunflower oil
I used 2 teaspoons of this mixture per cup of soap

White Kaolin Clay – (Amazon affiliate link)
1 tablespoon hydrated with distilled water
I used 1.5 teaspoons of the hydrated kaolin clay per cup of soap

Essential Oil Blend – 3% of total base oils in recipe or 30g/kg
Lavender – 5 parts
Tea Tree – 1 part
Peppermint – 0.5 parts

Great article by Modern Soapmaking on Using Essential Oils in Soapmaking: Answers to Common Questions –

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Funnel Measuring Cups (3.5 cup) –
Stainless rectangular measuring spoons –
Hanger Swirl Gear Tie –
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Glass Stir Sticks for swirling –
Vegetable peeler for trimming soap –
Steamer –
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