Caught on the keyboard – Romance scammer

Caught on the keyboard – Romance scammer

You are the jury to judge the Yahoo boy. Radio 419 Cyber Police arrest International Scam ring member from Nigeria leading to dozens of arrests of scammers and drug dealers and drug dealing scammers. Living in luxury these Yahoo Cult members rake in millions of dollars of mugu money as they chop hard 24 hours a day sending millions of scam mails, creating new 419 scam formats and processing victims on an industrial scale.

The Yahoo Cult is growing at an alarming rate as fools and greedy people are scammed now almost every second of the day.

If you want more Yahoo Boys to be arrested then give the video a thumbs up, share with your friends and perhaps leave an anti 419 comment. If however you believe that the Yahoo Boys are really the meek inheriting the earth from wicked sinners then give the video a thumbs down and a pro 419 comment.

Using this system you the public have the power to judge whether or not the next herd of Yahoo Boys are sent to the slaughterhouse or not. Yep you never know if that hotdog you bought in 7/11 was made from a real pig or a Yahooze.

Who will be the winner?

Will it be the millionaire in America who wanted someone else’s inheritance or to have a mail order Ugandan bride? or will it be a born again Jesus that came out from the bush on a mission from God to financially punish sinners?

Take all things into consideration, some Yahoo boys are pure scammers whilst others are more wicked delving into other “operations” such as narcotics logistics or commercial kidnapping.

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