Cancer Cure Found 2019: Banana Seeds And Cancer PREVENT Effects Of Banana Seeds – DON'T IGRONE IT?

Cancer Cure Found 2019: Banana Seeds And Cancer PREVENT Effects Of Banana Seeds – DON'T IGRONE IT?

Banana seeds and cancer treatment effects of banana seeds
Surely, everyone knows the essential nutrients that bananas provide to the human body. Bananas are nutritious and help fight many dangerous diseases including cancer.

By the right methods, the use of banana tree seeds, banana seeds, bananas, even banana flower seeds of the treatment has the benefits. Learn about the therapeutic use of banana seeds through the information below.

Compared with apples, clean bananas have 4 times more protein, carbohydrates twice, phosphorus 3 times, vitamin A 5 times and 2 times iron than grapes, apples, watermelon, pineapple, pear, and pink. Other vitamins and minerals are also more. Eat 1 and 2 bananas daily to increase your body’s resistance to diseases like colds and flu.

When ripe bananas, black patches or dark patches appear on the banana peel, the darker the longer the higher the ability to increase immunity and increase the strength of white blood cells by 8 times compared to the shell. green banana. Providing ripe bananas helps provide strong anti-cancer properties.

Banana Corn The antitumor effect of bananas is through the “TNF receptor” (TNF Receptor called TNF-R for short). With a chain of binding reactions, TNF-R pushes cancer cells to suicide (apoptosis). “Suicide” cells that are too little or too much are the causes of many diseases. Too much will seriously damage tissues that lead to å-stroke or neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Huntington and Parkinson.

Banana corn can be eaten raw, soaked in vinegar or mixed with salad. Banana salad is a dish accompanied by boiled meat or grilled fish sauce with fish sauce. Folk medicine uses banana seeds to treat kidney stones and gallstones.

Apart banana, Huong Ca offers a wide variety of bananas other clean from bowl banana western shipped carefully as: banana areca, banana porcelain, banana old, bananas rub flour, banana Dalat …

The main ingredient of green bananas is resistant starch. This is a precious, non-digestible starch so it does not release glucose in the small intestine but goes straight to the large intestine to create fermented, digestive colon bacteria.

Green bananas taste a bit harsh and bitter (due to high tannin content), hard shells and contain starch, chlorophyll and high carotenoid content.

Increase satiety, lose weight

The fiber content of green bananas helps you feel full longer, so they help you eat less. Adding green bananas to your diet can help you lose weight effectively by reducing calories consumed.

Helps absorb nutrients better

Most mineral absorption occurs in the small intestine. The pectin ingredients in green bananas slow down movement in the small intestine, thus promoting better absorption of minerals into the bloodstream.

In addition, short-chain fatty acids produced by colon bacteria through fermentation have increased the solubility of minerals, thereby leading to better mineral absorption into the blood.

Strengthen bone structure

Drinking lots of processed carbs including high sugar diets can cause “scurvy bone” (oxidative stress weakens collagen-based substances), causing weak bones.

Instead, replacing these foods with cooked green bananas is said to help prevent or slow down the process. Green bananas contain many minerals for bone health including calcium, magnesium, manganese and phosphorus.

In addition, they provide antioxidants and anti-tannins along with carotenoids and chlorophylls that help prevent oxidative stress that can damage bone structure. Green bananas also contain silica that is important for building and maintaining collagen fibers.

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You can starve cancer by practicing a ketogenic diet consisting of an abundance of healthy fats (about 75%), only 20% protein, and no more than 5% carbohydrates
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