Can We Use Essential Oils as Supplements?

Can We Use Essential Oils as Supplements?

Dr. Peter Minke debunks the controversy of essential oils as supplements. If you are dealing with a synthetic or artificial (even partially) essential oil, you don’t want to use them at all — not aromatically, not topically, and definitely not internally.

But, if you are using a natural essential oil, it is an extract from an herb. If you are drinking peppermint tea, there is a small amount of peppermint essential oil in that cup of tea! You are already ingesting essential oil. The question is then, about what quantity of essential oil can we eat.

Note: The FDA does not differentiate between a synthetic essential oil (or compounds) and essential oil from real plants in labeling.

Young Living guarantees that their oils are from real plants and are pure and potent — the Seed to Seal quality guarantee. One way we can see this is that Young Living labels many essential oils as supplements — the Vitality line.

Peter demonstrates how to use an essential oil supplement in water, in a capsule, and even under the tongue. He also discusses how we might think of the essential oil supplement acting in the body — antioxidant and fat-soluble. We can use Therapeutic Breath to connect to the vitality of the essential oil supplement!

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