Breathe Happy Cardamom and Resin Roll On Body Oil

Breathe Happy Cardamom and Resin Roll On Body Oil

Are you a Massage Therapist? I teach an online class at Aromahead Institute called “Aromatherapy for Massage Therapists.”

This is a roll-on essential oil body oil recipe that can support you when you have a cold, flu, or allergies. It’s made with essential oils that are very loving to skin and helpful for deep, clear breathing. (And it smells so good!)

The base of this roll-on body oil recipe is baobab oil. It’s made from the fruit of a beautiful, huge African tree that can live for thousands of years. (You can see a picture at 0:34!)

You can make this body oil in a glass roll-on bottle that holds 1 oz (30 ml). Just fill your bottle almost all the way with baobab oil, then add the essential oils drop by drop right into the baobab:

5 drops Cardamom essential oil (Ellettaria cardamomum) (1:34)
3 drops Myrrh essential oil (Commiphora myrrha) (1:54)
5 drops Frankincense essential oil (Boswellia carterii) (2:31)
5 drops Elemi essential oil (Canarium luzonicum) (3:01)

The Frankincense came out of the bottle quickly, but the Elemi didn’t want to come out at all! Sometimes a little air bubble gets stuck in the bottle’s orifice reducer. All you have to do is tap your finger over it a few times to pop the bubble (like I do at 3:27) and then the oil should come out more easily.

Once I’ve added my essential oils, I snap the roller top into place (4:00), screw on the lid, and give my blend a gentle shake. I couldn’t resist rolling a little onto my own arm! (4:22)

When you’re feeling congested or have a respiratory condition, this body oil can offer such support. Roll it onto your chest, upper back, neck, arms, and anywhere you’d like to feel nourished.

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