Black Spruce Essential Oil Uses

Black Spruce Essential Oil Uses

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I’m Andrea with Aromahead Institute, and I want to show you three of my favorite ways to use one of my favorite essential oils . . . Black Spruce essential oil!

I love the aroma of Black Spruce essential oil. It always makes me feel as though I’m standing out in a forest. It’s very soothing, clearing, and uplifting.

Black Spruce Use Number 1
0:34 — Black Spruce Essential Oil Cleaning Spray

Have you ever used essential oils for cleaning? Black Spruce is a great one! It’s good at reducing the presence of germs, and it makes your space smell amazing. This is a very simple natural cleaning recipe.

I have a 16 oz (480 ml) spray bottle full of distilled water and a dash of vinegar. (There’s no exact measurement for “a dash.” I’d say it’s about ½ teaspoon.) I’m measuring the essential oil using a graduated cylinder. I find graduated cylinders helpful when I’m working with large drop counts of essential oil. It means I don’t have to sit and count every drop . . . but you can count the drops if you don’t have a graduated cylinder. They’re not TOO high!

Then I’m adding the essential oil . . .

2 ml (50 drops) Black Spruce essential oils (Picea mariana) (1:36)

At 2:27, I close up the bottle, give it a good shake, and I’m ready to clean my counter! You’ll have to shake this blend every time you use it, since the essential oils won’t automatically blend into the water.

I love cleaning with Black Spruce essential oil. I use it for my counters, sinks, tile, and any surface I have that likes water-based cleaners. I do suggest making a fresh bottle of this every few weeks or so, since it’s not made with preservatives.

Enjoy your clean home!

Black Spruce Use Number 2
3:20 — Black Spruce Aromatherapy Inhaler

Black Spruce essential oil has a great affinity for the respiratory system! It’s a good friend if you have a cold, flu, allergies, a cough, or feel congested. It’s also supportive of keeping your energy flowing in a healthy way, so you feel vital and vibrant. Reach for Black Spruce when you’re feeling under the weather and fatigued.

Aromatherapy inhalers like this one are a convenient, effective way to use essential oils on the go. I have a gorgeous reusable inhaler that I got from Aromatics International online. This inhaler has a glass vial that holds a cotton wick, which absorbs the essential oil. After a few months, I can replace the wick with a new one and make a whole new Aromatherapy inhaler!

Here’s the “recipe”. . .

15 drops Black Spruce essential oil (Picea mariana) (4:28)

At 5:06, I reassemble the inhaler, so you can see what it looks like all put together.

This inhaler recipe is purely Black Spruce essential oil. I often like to make blends for inhalers, but using just one essential oil is a great way to get to know it, spending time with it and seeing how that particular individual oil affects you.

Black Spruce Use Number 3
5:49 — Black Spruce Shower Boost

This is a very simple, fun way to use Black Spruce essential oil! All you have to do is put 1 drop of the essential oil on the shower floor. You can put it on a part of the shower floor that’s not directly under the stream of water.

I know this might seem strange . . . why would I suggest dropping essential oils on the floor or down the drain! Well, I’m not really suggesting that. What you’ll find is that this effect is just like doing an essential oil steam (where you put 1 drop of essential oil in a bowl of hot steamy water, then close your eyes and inhale the steam). The essential oil rises with the steam of the shower, and you get to breathe it in. It helps boost energy, open sinuses, and invigorate you for the day. And the whole bathroom smells so good!

I hope you love Black Spruce essential oil, and find even more ways to use it that work for you!

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