Best Essential Oils to Use During Pregnancy

Best Essential Oils to Use During Pregnancy

I want to know the best essential oils to use during pregnancy. I’ve read so much conflicting advice on this.

I’ve heard of peppermint oil and lemon oil sniffed to control nausea.

If only to drown out the smell of meat that is making me sick.

You can try ginger tea to control nausea.

I’ve already tried stale ginger ale. That’s why I want to know about essential oils instead.

Stay away from ginger as an essential oil though, since there’s some concern it can cause contractions or bleeding.

So yes to ginger lollipops, but no to ginger essential oil.

If the smell of ginger triggers morning sickness, as it does for some, try lime or orange essential oils.

I can’t drink orange juice because the acid triggers morning sickness.

Many citrus essential oils by their smell alone ease morning sickness, and if oranges bother you, try tangerine or neroli essential oils. However, eating or drinking it is totally separate from sniffing it.

I’ve never even heard of neroli. What should I use when I’m pregnant?

I can start with ones to absolutely avoid when pregnant, like basil, sweet birch, bitter almond, cinnamon, clove, coriander, fennel, and horseradish.

Even the thought of the latter ones is enough to make me feel ill. They are too bitter or spicy.

You need to stay away from pennyroyal essential oils.

That’s often recommended as a birth control, like parsley seed.

Stay away from mustard, nutmeg, sage, jasmine, juniper berry, clary sage, sassafras and thyme essential oils. There are even longer lists when you talk to a doctor or herbalist.

My doctor just says stay away from all of them. Nutmeg I’d stay double away from them because it interferes with some pain meds.

Some of them you just want to stay away from until the second trimester like chamomile, rosewood and grapefruit.

I’m not looking to drink all of these. Some I want to use on my skin to control itching, cracking and stretch marks.

You can use lavender and frankincense on your skin, if it is a mild dose.

I know lavender is relatively safe, because it is recommended on babies after bath time to help them go to sleep.

But most essential oils should be avoided when in the first trimester, and many aroma therapists say you shouldn’t ingest any of them.

That advice has a funny smell, well they’re aroma therapists, of course they say only smell it.

Chamomile, sweet marjoram, tea tree and rose oil are safe for moderate skin use when you’re pregnant, but don’t put them in the birthing pool.

What do you think of Eucalyptus oil for a stuffy nose when pregnant? I can’t take any over the counter stuff.

It is typically okay in small amounts. Very diluted rose, chamomile and sweet orange you can use for dry or stretching skin too, though shea butter is safer.

I can apply that after a bath.

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