Benefits of Using a Salt Inhaler with Essential Oils

Benefits of Using a Salt Inhaler with Essential Oils

Using a salt inhaler is an easy, inexpensive way to clarify the airways during air travel and revive your entire system.

In this video, Living Libations creators Nadine Artemis and Ron Obadia demonstrate the proper way to use a salt inhaler, and reveal the benefits of combining essential oils with salt for maximum impact.

Learn how you can use Frankincense, Black spruce, Peppermint, and Living Libations Illume Classic Camphorous to sanctify your system, protect yourself from recycled airplane air, and anoint each nostril with beneficial botanicals!

________Transcription below.

Nadine: I thought we would do the Salt Inhalers because they’re new, they’re so totally popular, it’s one of your favorite products, and we do get questions on where to put the oils in and how to use them. They’re simple, but we just need a little bit of clarification. So would you want to do that one?

Ron: Yeah.

Nadine: OK. I’ve got yours here, the green one, because they do recommend that each family member have their own, because that way everybody just has their own germs and everything. You can use any Beautiful Essential Oil. I like to think of ones that are respiratory, like frankincense, black spruce, peppermint, we’ve got the Immune Illume, the Lungevity, and you want to put some into the bottom.

Ron: So what I do is, I take out this little cap, this little rubber stopper, and then inside, there’s salt, hold that, and unscrew the thing. You get one drop, boom.

Nadine: Well, you can do one drop, but I like to do about 10, actually, and I find it lasts for three weeks, and then you’re done.

Ron: OK. Well, then, in that case…

Nadine: It is actually amazing, the staying power of the essential oils, and you’ll pull it out, and it’s still fresh.

Ron: Maybe, one drop is for one day?

Nadine: That’s true.

Ron: It does last a long time. That’s what I love about these little devices here.

Nadine: Also, we were just talking about which oils we’re using, and there’s the respiratory ones, like the trees, the fir, the frankincense. I do like also putting in a flower sometimes, because then you really get a sense of deeply inhaling and experiencing the oil, so neroli, or cape chamomile mixed with those. Cape chamomile and frankincense is lovely. OK. Back over to you, Ron.

Ron: Do you want me to demonstrate?

Nadine: Yeah.

Ron: OK. It’s so simple. I love these inhalers, because, first of all, they’re simple and they’re discreet and they’re super effective. We do a lot of flying, and let’s say you’re on an airplane, a four hour flight, by an hour and a half, you’re starting to feel that recycled air, and this is like, “Thank God I have this.” All you do is, you just pull it out. If you want to be discreet, you can go like this, and nobody else will smell the oils except for you. You inhale like this.

Nadine: While you’re doing that, can I just say, don’t you feel it in your belly?

Ron: Totally.

Nadine: You’re feeling the molecules in there.

Ron: You totally feel it. It literally feels like your brain is being cleared.

Nadine: If you’re having any respiratory issues, then you can just read a book, watch a great film, and then just sit there doing that activity and hold this in, and just keep breathing in and out. You breathe in, you inhale, and then you exhale through your nose.

Ron: Yeah. You inhale, and exhale through your nose. Also, the salt, the same way we use salt for our teeth as salt water rinses, well, salt is amazing in itself, because it neutralizes all the bacteria that’s in your lungs, and it’s really hard to get into the lungs. This does it. I do it, like kind of a pranayama thing, where you’re breathing, alternate nostril breathing. I’ll demonstrate.

Nadine: Can you demonstrate that? Thank you.

Ron: OK. Watch. You cover the nostril.

Nadine: This is amazing though.

Ron: You cover this nostril, block.

Nadine: If you have any sinus issues, it goes in so deep, and again, you’re feeling parts of your skull and brain that you didn’t know really existed because you can feel back there. You can feel it going into the limbic system and the hypothalamus, and that’s really amazing. You get way more of an experience than just inhaling it out of the bottle. It just seems to go really deep in the body.

Ron: It’s like…

Nadine: It’s a good wake up call.

Ron: It wakes up things. It’ll clear…

Nadine: Rosemary comes to mind as a great one for studying. You could be studying and doing the one nostril breathing.

Ron: It does. It has an awakening effect, which is really cool. So you just do that as many times as you need to. If you do a pranayama practice, and you do 10 alternates. Sometimes, just one is all you need.


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