Benefits of Helichrysum Oil

Benefits of Helichrysum Oil

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4 Main Benefits of Helichrysum Oil

1) Supports Brain and Nervous System
• Contains unique fat soluble compounds that support the
nervous system
• #1 Essential Oil to use for nerve issue, nerve degeneration,
concussion or brain injury
⁃ Diffuse this oil or rub 4 drop on the neck

2) Reduces Inflammation
• Naturally reduces blood pressure and risk of coronary issues
• Assists anyone with high stress or looking to improve heart
⁃ Diffuse this oil or rub a few drops on the neck

3) Supports Liver Detoxification
• Liver breaks down fatty acids & bile production as well as
helps detox from toxins in daily life
⁃ Rub 4 drops of oil on right lower rib cage

4) Skin Improvement and Wound Healing
• Helichrysum oil has large antioxidants that are fat soluble
and helps: acne, wrinkles, scarring, sun spots, age spots or discolored skin
⁃ Add 3 drops to moisturizer for skincare routine

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