Benefits and Use of Balm of Gilead with Herbalist Yarrow Willard | Harmonic Arts

Benefits and Use of Balm of Gilead with Herbalist Yarrow Willard | Harmonic Arts

Balm of Gilead is made with the buds of any poplar species. In this case most likely populus candicans. The true identity of this plant can often be hard to determine as it likes to cross pollinate and create hybrids among many species in the family.

They can grow up to 100 feet and be over a 6 feet in diameter, and are commonly found through out North America. Many people cut them down in the spring and so it is easy to find young saplings or freshly cut ones. The Buds are best harvested in the winter months or early spring before the turn to leaves

It is a member of the Willow family and similar to Willow, it contains Salicylic acid which can be used for many types of pain reduction.
Balm of Gilead is considered a stimulating expectorant and is helpful for moving catarrh and congestion out of the lungs.

Great for inflammation, pain, arthritis, deep tissue damage, wounds,
sore throats, disinfectant, astringent for mucous membranes, or as a chest rub for coughs and bronchial infections.

The oil made from the buds is a natural antibiotic and anti inflammatory. Helpful for muscle soreness, headaches, arthritis, carpal tunnel, psoriasis eczema, bruising, swelling, wound care and much more.

Making Balm of Gilead oil from fresh poplar buds is easy. All you have to do is create an oil double boiler and heat it up for 5-12 hours. Then strain off the oil and use it externally as is or turn into a salve by adding 17% bees wax.

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