Beauty Tips For Face – 6 Rules That You Must Follow To Get Beautiful Skin Naturally

Beauty Tips For Face – 6 Rules That You Must Follow To Get Beautiful Skin Naturally

Skin regenerate itself after every 28 days, so it is very important to follow a good skin care regimen, so that new skin cells are healthy and glowing from within.

Rule #1

Always remove your makeup before washing your face

If you think, only washing your face is enough, you’re wrong.

If you have any layer of make up on your face, first remove that and wash your face after that. Only then you can make sure that your skin is free from all impurities, dirt and free to breathe.

Rule #2
Use Miceller water to remove make up

To remove your make up, take few drops of miceller water on a clean cotton pad and use this to remove your make up.

If you have dry to normal skin, you can use baby oil too but if you have oily or sensitive skin, stick to miceller water only

Rule #3

Choose right temperature to wash your face

Warm water open skin pores, that’s right !! but if temperature of water is high, it can also damage your skin pores.

Always wash your face first with Luke warm water, apply face wash and then wash it off with normal water

Hot or cold water is not good for your skin

You can take steam on your face to open skin pores before application of face masks and also massage your clean face with ice cubes 3-4 times in a week to shrink size of large skin pores

Rule #4

Choose right product for your skin

It’s very important to choose product according to your skin type. Every skin is different and needs different skin care products

If you have oily skin, choose water based products and if you have dry skin, use oil or creme based products

Rule #5

Say No to Alcohol

Generally people with oily skin choose toner that contains alcohol, but let me tell you, by doing this you’re making a big mistake

Alcohol makes your skin dry, extremely dry. To balance it, your skin will produce more sebum and after some time your skin will look more oily

Rule #6

Put skin care products in correct order

Skin care products are good for skin but you need to apply them in correct order

First thing that you need to put on your clean face is toner.

Toner are created to balance skin’s pH after it becomes too basic from face wash or soaps.

Next thing that you need to put on your face, is eye cream. The skin around eyes is very thin and sensitive. Eyes are the place, where you will see signs of aging first

Just take a pea sized about of eye cream and apply it wound your eyes.

Its time to apply serum. Serums are high concentrated, nutrient dense treatments that can address specific concerns, so its better to keep them as close to the skin as possible

Every skin needs a good moisturiser. Even if you have oily skin, you need a moisturiser that suits your skin.

Its best to apply moisturiser on damp skin, so apply it just after serum application, to lock much needed hydration for your skin.

After moisturiser, last step is to protect your skin from harmful sun rays. There are types of sunscreens available in market, chemical & physical one.

Physical sunscreen, works by physically blocking UV rays, while chemical sunscreen needs to be absorbed by your skin. It is always better to use physical sunscreen with zinc as you can safely use them after moisturiser.
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