Ask Anne-Marie: Formulating Cold Process Soap Recipes

Ask Anne-Marie: Formulating Cold Process Soap Recipes

Formulating cold process soap recipes can be intimidating. We asked what questions you had about formulating cold process soap, and you delivered! Questions include how to make soap harder, how to avoid soap scum and soda ash, how to substitute oils, how to make facial soap and more.

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– @00:21 @3wildoils asks “How to make soaps harder? Sometimes using sodium lactate, but not completely happy with the results. Using also stearic acid up to 0.5% and making recipe where hard oils are around 60-65% and still want soaps to be harder and prevent my sink from soap scum!! My soap leaves some soap scum… What is the best oil, butter proportion?”

– @02:42 @bathematics101asks “What is the most important property you consider when deciding which oils to use during your recipe formulation? Is it better to work backwards by deciding what you want the use of the bar to be before choosing any oils?”

– @03:39 @nanhdi_jahari asks “Is there a 100 percent to avoid soda ash?”

– @05:47 @artsavon_asks “What are your tips for making a long lasting bar without using palm oil nor animal fat.”

– @07:16 @viviane_ito asks “How do you make facial soap? How is it different from other cold process soap?”

– @09:21 @untarnished_talons says “Hi Anne-Marie. Please guide me about oils that give slow moving recipes. I struggle with quick tracing all the time.”

– @11:11@danyemmerich says “The hardest thing for me is substituting oils. What do you recommend?”

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